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Revised visiting arrangements at the Rotunda Hospital

The Rotunda Hospital has announced a significant uptake in Covid-19 vaccination rates amongst its patient population.

In response to this significant improvement in vaccination rates, effective from today Monday September 13, the Rotunda will now be able to extend visiting hours for partners to 08.00am to 08.00pm each day.

In a statement the hospital said:

“The Rotunda conducts regular point prevalence surveys of its patients regarding their Covid-19 vaccination status, with its most recent survey reporting that 57% of patients and 74% of their partners being fully vaccinated.

“This reflects current data from our most recent inpatient survey, which had a 95% response rate. It also reflects the strong effort and lead being taken by the Rotunda in better informing patients on the very significant health benefits of Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy.

“The Irish Medicines in Pregnancy Service, which is funded and based at the Rotunda, together with the Rotunda’s various other information forums and platforms will continue to do whatever it can to encourage this vaccination rate to grow even higher.

“All other existing access controls to keep all patients safe continue to apply.

“This brings the Rotunda’s visiting arrangements close to pre-pandemic levels and remains vastly more accessible to arrangements that remain at almost all acute general hospitals in the state.

“The Rotunda’s management team will continue to keep these arrangements under regular review, taking all necessary precautions to keep all our patients safe, while making decisions that are evidenced and based on current Infection Prevention and Control guidance.”

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