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Council to develop Turvey Nature Reserve and allotments in 2021

Turvey Nature Reserve and allotments near Donabate will see the addition of new facilities and upgrade works in 2021.

The news came after Social Democrats councillor Paul Mulville table a question to the Balbriggan-Swords-Rush-Lusk area committee meeting earlier this month.

Mulville asked the chief executive to outline the “current plans for Turvey Nature Reserve” as it is an “important local nature area.”

In response, the local authority said that wildlife and human-use facilities are due to be developed on the site.

“The proposed works for 2021 include the development of two new ponds, the development and implementation of a woodland management plan, path upgrading works and the development of a building and toilet facility for local groups using the park on a regular basis.”

Mulville also asked about whether the lands of the former Turvey Golf Club – which are located adjacent to the site – could be acquired and incorporated into the reserve
However, the council executive said that those lands are currently not up for sale.

Green Party councillor for the area Karen Power also enquired about the possibility of developing a wildlife hospital at the reserve.

She asked the council to “provide clarification on what types of local groups” the council has been deliberating with and “what types of facilities are envisaged to be delivered this year?”.

In response, the local authority said various animal wildlife groups are being consulted in the development of the facility.

“The council is working with OWLS (children’s nature group), Birdwatch and the Fingal Beekeepers to provide a small building and toilet facility located at Turvey Allotments and in close proximity with the Turvey Avenue Operations Depot.”

In October last year, €18,000 was allocated to the reserve under the Local Authority Biodiversity Grant Scheme.

“Turvey Nature Reserve is a favourite wildlife hotspot in North County Dublin,” Minister O’Brien said.

“The park has so much to offer, from fantastic walking and cycling opportunities to the picturesque sights over the Rogerstown Estuary.

“This funding allocation will further enhance that and by restoring the natural hydrology of the area it will also help to climate-proof the estuary.

“Fingal County Council has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to Turvey Nature Reserve so they are to be commended for continuing to progress their plans.”

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