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Councillor asks public to report illegal fly-tipping after increase in dumping

A Fingal County Councillor is calling on the public to report any suspicious activity it sees relating to illegal fly-tipping.

Cathal Boland, Independent councillor for Lusk-Rush says that local authority’s area inspector sent him images showing large-scale illegal dumping on various county roads.

“Due to Covid-19 restrictions, operations staff are currently responding to emergency issues only.

“The photographs provided are an example of the type of illegal activity the operations team are having to deal with currently in the north county.

“I am sure you will agree that it not the best use of scarce resources to have staff out collecting materials such as these.

“Unfortunately, the council’s litter wardens cannot currently examine the waste to ascertain responsibility.”

Boland says that members of the public can help stop the practice.

“We can all play a part in addressing this problem,” he says.

“What I want to ask you is that if have a registration number of the vehicle responsible for this dumping please report it to 01-8906799.

“Because of the current restrictions, there are a lot less vehicles on the roads, and any vehicle transporting a load such as any of the attached images should be very noticeable.

“If we the people are not prepared to report those responsible for illegal dumping, the practice will continue.”

“Let’s target the perpetrators of this anti-social practice. One which is doubly wrong and irresponsible during this pandemic.

“We expect Council Staff to look after our environment they are entitled to expect us to help them stay safe.

“A big call out to all FCC staff for doing a great job in difficult circumstances.”

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