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Rotunda launch birth reflection service for new mothers

Ireland’s busiest maternity hospital, the Rotunda Hospital has launched a birth reflection service which will allow mothers to “reflect on their birth experience with a one-to-one appointment with an experienced midwife.”

In a statement, the Rotunda Hospital said “the service is available for all women booked to give birth in the hospital and for women who have given birth in the previous 12 months.

“The service allows women and their partners to meet with a dedicated birth reflection’s specialist midwife to review labour and birth notes.

“The service will help women or couples to obtain a greater understanding of events surrounding the birth of their baby/babies, including why a possible intervention was necessary, and the possible implications for future births.”

Fiona Hanrahan, director of midwifery and nursing at the Rotunda Hospital said: “Although women are encouraged to talk through their experiences while they are still in hospital, many find they need to have some time at home adjusting to family life before being able to reflect upon their experience.

“After giving birth, women and their partners may have many unanswered questions.

“The birth reflection service aims to allow women to gain a greater understanding of the events surrounding the birth, and to encourage women to express how the experience has met their expectations.

“At the Rotunda Hospital, we want to help women to feel in control and empowered after such a life-changing event.”

Women can seek a referral to the birth reflections service by their obstetrician, midwife or GP.

Women can also self-refer following discharge from the hospital.

According to the Rotunda, “the birth reflection service was identified as a quality improvement initiative in Irish Maternity Services from the HSE National Maternity Experience Survey (NMES) 2020.

“The Rotunda Hospital is proactively utilising this feedback from the National Maternity Experience Survey to progress a Birth Reflections service to facilitate positive changes in maternity care.”

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