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We’re looking for your Mosney memories

We're asking our readers to share their memories of Butlin's in Mosney with us for an upcoming feature article.

For generations of Dubliners, a holiday at Butlin’s in Mosney was as good as it got. Back in the 1970s and '80s, holidays abroad were the preserve of the rich and famous. For the rest of us, it was a mobile home in freezing Donabate or windswept Rush. It was not too far removed from the holiday experience so hilariously depicted in ‘Fr Ted’, where parents struggled to find at least ‘two places of interest’ to keep the family from killing one another.

But Butlin’s was on another level completely. Even the Irish weather couldn’t dampen our spirits, with a choice of indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

We lived it up in the ‘luxurious’ chalets and dined out in an actual restaurant every single night. How posh was that?

The amusement park was like nothing else we’d ever experienced and there was even live entertainment with dodgy music to keep our parents happy.

To share your precious memories of Mosney with us, please post your comments or photos on the Facebook post below.

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