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Partnership boost for people with disabilities 

A PARTNERSHIP has been announced that is set to change the health and fitness landscape for people with disabilities.

The Aura Holohan Group and Clontarf headquartered Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) announced their strategic partnership last week where both companies agreed to a three-year plan to improve accessibility to employment and facilities in Irish Sport & Leisure Centres. 

Gar Holohan, Company Chairman of the Aura Holohan Group which operates over 15 gyms and leisure centres around the country, said: “While we have come a long way with improving accessibility in our gyms and leisure centres since winning the o2 ability award and implementing the Cara initiatives, we still have more to do to be truly inclusive . 

“We are looking forward to implementing our partnership strategy with the IWA and we want to lead by example and help other businesses in the industry understand the value of all people with disabilities as both customers and employees. It makes business sense.” 

Sarah Joyce, IWA head of fundraising, said they are very excited to partner with Aura Holohan Group for the next three years to build awareness and raise funds around physical disability.  

“We believe that individuals with physical disabilities deserve the same opportunities to be included as equal and active participants in the  communities in which they live, and we believe working with Aura Holohan Group is a very positive step in achieving this belief,” said Ms Joyce.   

The Irish Wheelchair Association is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. For those 60 years, it has been providing support and opportunities for people with physical disabilities and offering vital services through their 57 community centres nationwide. 

Some of the work that IWA support includes encouraging participation in sport through their 26 sports clubs, providing 1.3 million hours of Assisted Living Services to 2,246 adults and children, and connecting people with their communities through their fleet of 119 accessible buses.

One of the first exciting projects the Aura Holohan Group and Irish Wheelchair Association will be working on together to raise awareness is a health and fitness industry specific wheelchair basketball event. 

Both organisations are asking companies and leaders from the health and fitness industry to compete against each other in a Wheelchair Basketball fundraiser which is a unique opportunity to take part in a paralympic sport experience.

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