Shatter considers European run

Mike Finnerty 02 Apr 2024

Former Minister for Justice Alan Shatter says he is “seriously considering” running for Europe in June’s elections.

The former Fine Gael TD told The Journal that he would be running as an independent candidate should he make the decision to run.

In a series of posts on Twitter, the former Minister for Defence and Justice said “I share your criticism of the Dublin MEPs expected to seek re-election and their failure to represent the moderate, common sense, pro-business, pro-Europe views of many. I’m reflecting on doing so.”

He said that Dublin and Ireland as a whole need “credible” politicians in the European parliament, and said Ireland needs to elect candidates who “do not kanoodle with terrorists, misogynists, dictators & fundamentalists.”

He stated that Ireland should elect candidates who support Ukraine in their war against Russia and “value truth and common sense.”

Shatter was a Fine Gael TD for nearly 30 years, but lost his seat in the 2016 general election.

Since then, Shatter has spoken out about being “cancelled” after being forced to resign from Cabinet following the outcome of the Maurice McCabe affair.

Shatter was forced to step down from his role in May 2014, which he says was a factor in him losing his seat.

Last year, Shatter courted controversy after he criticised former Labour UK leader Jeremy Corbyn for wearing a Bohemians shirt that was in aid of Palestine.

Corbyn, who accusations of allowing antisemitism to grow during his time as Labour leader, was criticised by Shatter who is of Jewish faith.

Shatter criticised the Northside team for “importing Jeremy Corbyn into their narrative raises serious questions about Bohemians’ motivation and judgement.”

Shatter has become a prominent commentator about Middle Eastern politics since the Israeli invasion of Gaza began following the October 7th attacks.

With Fine Gael already selecting Doherty as their candidate and the election 8 weeks away, Shatter is expected to make a decision shortly.

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