Labour Leader accuses Taoiseach of dodging questions on Fine Gael standards in office

Padraig Conlon 18 Jan 2023

Labour Party Leader Ivana Bacik has called on the Taoiseach to answer the questions she asked him in the Dáil today at Leaders Question on Fine Gael conduct and ethics in public office.

“In the Dáil today at Leaders Questions I asked the Fine Gael Taoiseach a series of questions about ethical concerns in his party that he failed to answer,” Deputy Bacik said.

“The Taoiseach must clarify if his party tolerates the submission of false information on a planning application, and what further action he will be taking on it. Former Minister English still has not made a statement in the Dáil nor answered questions on his resignation.

“Despite being asked twice, the Taoiseach did not answer if it was common practise in Fine Gael for businesses to pick up election costs.

“On the revelations about donations of postering services which is the subject of a complaint to SIPO, the Taoiseach did not confirm if he had sought evidence or receipts from Minister Donohue to back up the content of the revised disclosure. No information was given as to how the commercial value of the postering services was determined.

“The Taoiseach also did not explain how Minister Donohoe can confirm that this was a donation to the party and not to the candidate, or if he received a follow up written acknowledgement as required by SIPO guidelines.

“When asked if it was acceptable to him that the Minister responsible for SIPO did not update his declarations in 2017, when it appears that the donation came to his attention, the Taoiseach also failed to provide an answer.

“The Minister will now make a statement in the Dáil, but the Taoiseach cannot hide from the questions he failed to answer today.”

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