Survey finds that 70% of people are not aware that Children’s Palliative Care is not just about End-of-Life Care

Padraig Conlon 16 May 2022
Erika Cawley with her Grandad at LauraLynn

Market research conducted on behalf of LauraLynn, Ireland’s only Children’s Hospice, found that 70% of people do not know that children’s palliative care is not just given at the end of life, and can in fact help children with life-limiting conditions and their families for a number of years, from diagnosis right through to bereavement.

Of those surveyed, two in four (42%), believed that palliative care is only given to children in the last days and weeks of their life with a further 28% unsure.

This week is LauraLynn Children’s Hospice Week and LauraLynn aims to break the misconception that children’s palliative care is only for end of life as the charity roll out a nationwide campaign titled ‘Little Moments…Big Impact’.

Siblings Joshua and Olivia at LauraLynn

LauraLynn is shining a light on the fun, laughter and joy that happens inside the walls of LauraLynn, an image that rarely comes to mind when people think of a children’s hospice.

In fact, children’s palliative care can begin at the time of diagnosis or at any point during a child’s illness, even when curative treatments are appropriate.

Palliative care for children continues throughout the remainder of the child’s life, supporting the child and the family at the end of life and in bereavement; for as long as it is needed.

The focus of care is on improving and enhancing quality of life, enabling families to enjoy special moments and create memories together as a family, and when required ensuring dignity in death and providing support in bereavement.

Approximately 3,840 children in Ireland are living with a life-limiting condition, 1,900 of whom have palliative care needs.

Erika Cawley with her Grandad at LauraLynn

LauraLynn conducted the research in order to draw attention to the fact that children’s palliative and hospice care is not just for end-of-life and can benefit a child and family for a number of years along their journey.

LauraLynn CEO, Kerry McLaverty says;

‘’We are once again shining the spotlight on children’s hospice and palliative care this week as we celebrate LauraLynn Children’s Hospice Week.

“Children’s palliative care is quite different to its adult counterpart with many children receiving palliative care for a number of years.

“This week we are breaking the misconception that children’s palliative care is only provided at end of life.

“We are also highlighting that LauraLynn is a place full of joy, colour and laughter; a place where families ‘Live the Little Moments’ and as always we are asking the public to support our campaign by getting involved in the conversation and by supporting the vital work of Ireland’s only children’s hospice by donating.’’

Other common misconceptions being debunked by LauraLynn as part of their Children’s Hospice Week campaign include that a children’s hospice is a sad place to visit or work.

LauraLynn Mum, Laura has two children attending LauraLynn. Joshua and Olivia .

Laura speaks about the ‘Little Moments’ that their family enjoy when they visit LauraLynn.

The family most recently took part in LauraLynn’s Children’s Hospice Week Campaign Video, highlighting the fun that happens inside the walls of LauraLynn.

‘’We always have so much fun when we visit LauraLynn. Joshua and Olivia absolutely love going there and the care they receive is second to none.

“We recently took a visit to take part in their Children’s Hospice Week Video showcasing the ‘Little Moments’ and we had so much fun getting messy with paint.

“Joshua and Olivia had so much fun and like every time we visit, precious memories were made which is so important to us as family.

“LauraLynn allow us the space to be together as a family and just focus on the little moments.’’

LauraLynn is celebrating Children’s Hospice Week this week.

It is the only week in the year dedicated to raising awareness for children’s hospice and palliative care in Ireland.

LauraLynn relies heavily on the public’s support to fund our hospice services.

Please support LauraLynn this Children’s Hospice Week by making a donation at

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