Fujitsu funds €40,000 for sensory garden and IT hub at St. Laurence College

Dublin People 09 Feb 2022

(Pictured above, left to right: Cormac Devlin TD, Shane Fitzgerald, Principal St Laurence College, Michael Jackson, Head of Fujitsu Ireland and Les Dunne, EVAD IT Solutions)

By Anna Dimitrova 

FUJITSU are proud and privileged in being able to donate €40,000 to St. Laurence College, Loughlinstown, with the technical help of E-Tuition, to support two fantastic initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing and technological advantage for the students of St. Laurence.

Fujitsu, in conjunction with E-Tuition, have chosen to sponsor St. Laurence College for this initiative due to their shared values and approach to children’s education and development; regardless of where you come from or what your circumstances are, every child has the right to the same levels of education and opportunities in life as others.

One of the projects will use €10,000 of the donation to develop and install a sensory garden for children on the autism spectrum and other neurodivergent students in the college.

The sensory garden will give the students a chance to relax as well as give them the opportunity to grow their own flowers and vegetables within the garden.

The next portion of the donation will use the other €30,000 to update, build, and support a modern IT laboratory where all students will have the opportunity to work on the most up to date and sophisticated IT equipment.

Fujitsu and E-Tuition will fill the hub with modern technologies to ensure the students machines give them the best operational power to complete their courses and assignments asl well as work in an all-inclusive space where the children feel welcome and empowered to learn.

Fujitsu and E-Tuition will also deliver courses through their Fujitsu CoDE programme covering topics across technology with an aim to build and develop tangible skills that will support students transitioning to post-school education and employment.

Shane Fitzgerald, the Principal of St. Laurence, is committed to providing a safe environment where the students are happy to come to have equitable access to the tools to give them every opportunity to succeed in life.

This initiative shows great promise, and with the support of the local Irish Government Minister, Cormac Devlin TD, who will be working with Fujitsu, to help drive this community movement to integrate the students of St. Laurence’s into their society and future workplace.

“The funding for such a programme would mean a great deal to this school, the wider community and make a multi-generational difference to the lives of so many.” said Cormac Devlin TD.

By supporting this initiative, Fujitsu will build on their existing strong relationships within Ireland.

They have already substantial business with their partner E-Tuition in supporting all of the IT maintenance, support and build for the IT Hub and rolling out the education platform, Fujitsu CoDE, to the students within St. Laurence College.

The award of €40,000 to both these projects will have a massive impact for the school and the surrounding area alongside the positive effect that this will have on the students.

Fujitsu and E-Tuition are excited for the opportunities these facilities will bring to St. Laurence College and the outcomes of the students in the future years.

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