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Dublin Fire Brigade and ambulance service in ‘crisis’ need of staff

Staffing levels in Dublin Fire Brigade hit a “whole new shocking level” last week, according to Sinn Fein councillor Daithí Doolan.

The Dublin City Councillor said that “due to the staffing crisis in Dublin Fire Brigade there was no river rescue crew available.

“Personnel were diverted from river rescue to Finglas fire station to cover staff shortages,” he said.

“The crisis in Dublin Fire Brigade hit fire stations right across Dublin.

“Stations were down fire engines in Rathfarnham, Dolphins Barn, Kilbarrack, Finglas, Swords, North Strand and Tara Street.

“The services was under severe pressure today,” he said early last week.

“Specialist units including river rescue, front line logistics units and environmental disaster units were all out of service.

“This crisis is a direct result the staffing crisis in Dublin Fire Brigade.

“This crisis is putting the lives of fire fighters and the public they serve at risk.

“Management must recruit personnel as a matter of urgency and ensure Dublin Fire Brigade is properly resourced and funded to provide the service Dublin needs.”

Concerns have also been raised about the lack of resources within the ambulance service, with Sinn Fein TD Denise Mitchell calling for an urgent assessment.

Last week the party tabled a motion in the Dail asking that the review be carried out of the service and its management, to ensure that it is properly funded and sufficiently staffed.

The Dublin Bay North TD said: “Sinn Féin’s motion stands up for staff, stands up for patients and supports our ambulance service to do their important work.

“It would deliver an urgent review of ambulance resources, to ensure it is properly funded and has enough staff.

“Ambulance workers are burnt out from long, exhausting shifts.

“We know here in Dublin Bay North how hard ambulance staff work and the invaluable work that they do to care for our community.

“We also know that far too often patients are left waiting far too long for medical help.

“Here in Dublin Bay North we all know people who have been left waiting in pain for far too long, causing them huge stress and upset,” she said.

Deputy Mitchell said that the long waiting times are “not the fault of the ambulance staff, but those who have failed to invest in the services.

“It’s clear that emergency services are at crisis point.

“These issues have been going on for far too long. The government has failed to act time and time again, while this crisis has only worsened.

“It’s clear that we need an urgent review of ambulance resources.”

Deputy Mitchell says that more ambulances, especially in more rural areas, are required to keep up with demand.

“We need to expand our ambulance fleet and ensure that rural communities are properly served,” she says.

“We need to increase hospital capacity to avoid patients being left waiting in ambulances.

“Sinn Féin will stand up for our ambulance services to ensure staff and patients get the support and care they need.

“I am calling on all TDs in Dublin Bay North to back our motion to stand up for our ambulance services.”

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