Sat, Sep 25, 2021
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Connect to strongly oppose any attempt to outsource DAA maintenance roles 

Connect trade union representatives have said they will ‘vigorously oppose’ any attempt to outsource frontline maintenance roles by the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) following an announcement on Friday that the company was contemplating such a move. 

Connect Regional Secretary, Sean Heading, said: “We are consulting with our members employed by the DAA concerning the announcement that it will attempt to outsource frontline maintenance services.

This consultation will focus on what actions will be taken to strongly oppose such an attempt by management to damage the operation of the DAA by breaking up its provision of maintenance services.

“Connect members have always strongly opposed the outsourcing of roles as it damages the operation of services and undermines the conditions of employment of all the workers involved.

“Our members in the DAA fully understand the unique challenges to the aviation industry which have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic. They are fully committed to working with the company to emerge from this period while maintaining the professional and world class airport sector which we have developed in Ireland over recent decades.

“Our members will not allow this to be undermined by the breaking up of services that would result from outsourcing of roles to third party companies.”

He added: “Connect representatives are available to meaningfully engage with DAA management on all the outstanding issues and seek an agreed solution to the matters in  dispute.”



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