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FCC says Morton Stadium to reopen with full schedule of events

Fingal County Council is to consider hosting outdoor events and concerts at Morton Stadium in Santry.

The stadium, which regularly hosts athletics meets, has been closed for much of the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, Sinn Fein councillor Ann Graves says that as restrictions ease, the stadium could be used to facilitate an array of events.

She asked the chief executive “to consider a concert in the Morton Stadium as the regulations in relation to Covid-19 are lifted and as it looks likely that outdoor events will be allowed in late summer.

“It would be beneficial to look at alternative venues and facilitate residents in all areas of the county.”

In response, the council said that the use of Morton Stadium for events this summer will be considered and brought before council representatives.

“The operational management of Santry Stadium is currently the responsibility of the

National Sports Campus Development Authority under the terms of an operational

agreement with Fingal County Council.

“New arrangements for the operation of Morton Stadium will shortly be brought before the Elected Members for consideration,” says the council.

“These new arrangements aim to develop and operate the sporting facilities at Morton Stadium and to promote Morton Stadium as the home of Irish Athletics while maintaining existing commitments.

The council said that events usually scheduled for the stadium are currently being planned by management.

“The Marathon Kids event is held annually at Morton Stadium.

“This event is funded via the Council’s Events Unit and can see up to 4,000 primary school children completing their final mile of the Marathon Kids programme in the demesne and the stadium.

“Additionally, the hugely popular Morton Mile Event (again held at Morton Stadium) has been supported through the event and festivals funding programme.

“The Sports Office organises the Fingal Schools Athletics Programme annually.

“The council is currently developing a county-wide strategy for post covid events which will be presented to the SPC in June.

“Events will only take place in line with government advice and any restrictions that are in place at that time.”

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