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Finglas locals sign petition calling on council to not rezone land

Over 500 people have signed a petition calling on Dublin City Council to not rezone land on Jamestown Road in Finglas.

Councillors will be voting on the proposal at a meeting this evening and if passed the site will be rezoned from Z6 Employment and Enterprise to Z14 Strategic Development and Regeneration Zone.

However, many local residents are objecting to the plan, saying the proposal is not suitable for Finglas.

“The rezoning of the Jamestown Road site by DCC would be a disaster for our local community,” says local People Before Profit representative Conor Reddy in a letter to all councillors.

“It could also prove to be a disaster for those who may one day live in the proposed development.

“Notwithstanding the complete lack of appropriate, face to face local consultation on the
redevelopment, there are a number of serious issues emerging around the redevelopment.

“This development will mean that already overburdened local infrastructure will come under
severe strain – detailed proposals on mitigating the negative impact on roads, waste water
management and public transport (Finglas Luas project not yet funded or guaranteed) are all missing from the existing proposals.

“This is despite a significant number of planning observations made by local residents, and a report from Irish Water, expressing concern at the state of the area’s drainage infrastructure.”

It is understood that if the land is rezoned, it will be earmarked for “hundreds” of new homes.

However, it is not yet clear how councillors will vote on the matter with Fianna Fail, the council’s largest party, reportedly divided on the issue.

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