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Surge in camera equipment theft in Dublin

Three separate GoFundMe campaigns were launched in Dublin over the past week to help support photographers who have had their equipment stolen.

As well as losing their vital equipment two of them also had their means of transport stolen as well.

The photographers have since received great support from donors to allow them to get back on their feet and continue their careers that have already been hit negatively by the coronavirus pandemic.

One such photographer is Stuart Metcalf.

Stuart’s studio space was broken into and robbed in the early hours of last Tuesday Night/ Wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, the photography equipment that he has worked incredibly hard to accumulate over the last couple of years along with his bike, which is and has been his main mode of transport to the studio, work and college were stolen from the building.

This has left him at a huge loss both in creative process as well as financial stability.

On his GoFundMe page, Stuart says:

“As someone who’s only starting out, being knocked back to  square one is incredibly daunting, however the story doesn’t end here.

“I’m determined to come back stronger and this is only the beginning.

“The support I’ve received over the last 24hrs has been beyond belief and I am forever grateful for the love I’ve seen and felt.

“I’m extremely aware that asking for financial help during times like these is a big ask, so any donation, big or small will go a long way.”

George Voronov, another Dublin based photographer used his GoFundMe page to explain his story:
“My office was broken into this week and all of my digital camera equipment as well as my bike has been stolen.

“Needless to say, I am absolutely distraught.

“The equipment that was taken was my primary means of making an income and the bicycle was my main means of transport so without those things I’m somewhat at a loss.

“I have spent the last few years gradually building up my equipment piece by piece and to see all of that progress wiped away in an instant has been nothing short of devastating”.

Marc Shelly, also from Dublin City set up his GoFundMe page  after he was broken into last week.

Marc writes “All of my photographic equipment and associated items were stolen.
I am reaching out to you today in the hope of obtaining some financial support in order for me to continue my career”

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