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DCC proposes to reduce speed limit to 30km in most areas

Dublin City Council is asking members of the public to give feedback on a proposal to have a default 30km speed limit in most areas of the city.

The local authority has launched a non-statutory public consultation that will remain open until Friday, April 23.

Once all submissions are received a report will be draft and presented to the Traffic and Transport Strategic Policy Committee in May with the report also being presented to the full County Council monthly meeting in mid-June.

If approved by the county council, a six-week statutory public consultation will be launched to allow the amendment of the existing speed limit bye-laws.

In January, Dublin City Council launched its Loving 30 campaign, which aims to reduce speed limits on most main arterial routes from 50km to 30km per hour.

Some county councillors have requested that specific roads be allocated as 40km per hour with a map of each road’s proposed speed limit to be published online on the Consultation Hub.

Lord Mayor of Dublin and Green Party councillor Hazel Chu said she would “encourage all Dubliners to have their say about this proposal to extend the 30km/h speed limit across Dublin City.

“One of the main objectives of Dublin City Council’s Road Safety Strategy is to reduce the number of casualties on the streets of Dublin city, by making Dublin a safer city for all road users especially for cyclists, pedestrians and vulnerable road users.

“Remember, road safety is not only the sole responsibility of any one person or authority.

“It is a shared, moral responsibility to all of its community.

“It needs the co-operation and co-ordination by all state agencies, the public, and the private/business sector working together at every level, national, regional and local.

“As local representatives, we need to take the time to consider these roles and the responsibility in the Reduction of Speed Limits in our city.”

Chu said that the initiative will also make the roads safer for non-motorists.

“Encouraging active travel is a key driver of this campaign.

“Pedestrians and cyclists must feel safe on the streets and lowering speed limits would allow for better-shared space opportunities.

“To encourage a modal switch, more pedestrian and cyclist friendly streets are needed and also lowering speed limits would therefore play a crucial role in providing adequate environments for all vulnerable road users.

“The fact is that endorsing 50kmh in residential areas and villages will always deter active travel, particularly with the young and old.

“Let’s make Dublin city an international example.”

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