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Call to love nature in a time of Covid

Anyone out and about around Sandymount over the weekend might have noticed some eye catching items near the coast.

That’s because environmental group Crafting Change Ireland had created a stunning display at Sandymount Strand to give locals and visitors alike food for thought.

The group say they made it in order to remind us that while nature has looked after us well during the pandemic, we all need to look after nature too.

The display consisted of 36 carefully handmade ‘craftivism’ pieces which went up on lampposts along the promenade at Sandymount Strand.

Crafting Change Ireland say they are asking three things of the Irish public:

  1. REMEMBER that while overshadowed in the news by the global Covid-19 pandemic, the climate and biodiversity emergencies are both reaching crisis point. Nature has featured strongly in many people’s lives this past year, as they have found solace in walks, sea swimming and gardening. In fact, the benefits of spending time in green or blue spaces are well established by science. Crafting Change Ireland argue that now it is our turn to take care of nature.
  2. TAKE ACTION to make a difference for nature. Of course, many individual lifestyle choices can help. Reducing energy usage, reusing and repairing while consuming less, recycling and changing your mode of transport are all important. Crafting Change Ireland encourage us all to, as one of the hand-painted pieces says ‘live simply, so we can simply live’, a quote from Mahatma Gandhi However, the activists behind the craft project argue, if we act together, we can have much greater impact. They therefore encourage the Irish public to support and join an environmental organization or group of their choice, whether national or local.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD. Crafting Change Ireland believe that one of the most powerful things you can do is to talk to friends, family and colleagues to raise awareness about the environmental crisis. And, they suggest, why not create some ‘craftivism for nature’ in your own community, with friends or family?

One member of the team behind the project said:

“This past year has been so hard for so many people.

“When you’re faced with a health crisis on the scale of the current pandemic, it’s easy to forget about wider environmental problems. But they haven’t gone away you know.

“And the thing is, what’s good for nature is good for humans too.

“Protecting the natural world also means protecting human health.

“We need nature for our physical and emotional wellbeing.

“And so many people have discovered that this part year.

“Now we’re asking to step up and protect this wonderful gift that is the natural environment, while there is still time to save it.”

The 36 pieces that were placed on lampposts along the Sandymount promenade are all made from natural and biodegradable materials.

They were created using a combination of embroidery, crochet, sewing and sign painting.

Their creators hope they will inspire those taking advantage of the Eater holidays to go for a walk along the seafront to appreciate the need for greater action on climate and biodiversity.

The group have called for individuals and communities to join their efforts:

‘We’d love to see crafty messages about the environment in public places all over Ireland. Together let’s imagine a better world’.

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