Private testing firm sees surge in Covid tests bookings

Dublin People 21 Dec 2020

A private medical testing firm has announced that it is experiencing a surge of Covid-19 PCR tests since travel bans were announced over the weekend.

CodeBlue Medical, based in Glasnevin says it has had to bring in extra medical staff to meet the demand.

Since the government announcement of a 48-hour travel ban from the UK, Codeblue has received 2000 PCR test bookings, it’s managing director Tom Giffney has said.

Bookings are from people arriving into Ireland and people already in the country.

Speaking this morning, Giffney said that there is a clear link between the travel ban and increase in demand for testing.

“There has been a steady increase in numbers booking Covid tests recently, but nothing on the level that we experienced on Sunday night.”

Codeblue has been running a Covid test centre and mobile service since May this year.

Private tests for individuals are run from their medical centre in Dublin, whilst corporate testing is done on-site. Codeblue estimates that they have completed close to 30,000 Covid 19 PCR tests to date.

Extra Codeblue clinics will be opened to meet the sudden demand and testing will continue every day except for Christmas day. Tests completed on Christmas eve will receive the results within 24 hours.


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