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Councillors call for more greenery and trees along Malahide Road

Dublin City Councillors have called on the Parks Department to introduce more greenery and increase biodiversity along the Malahide Road.

Labour councillor Alison Gilliland tabled a motion at the North Central Area Committee meeting last week which was unanimously backed by other members.

She asked the council to “agree that the stretch of tree lined central medians along the Malahide Road between the junction with Griffith Avenue and the Darndale roundabout be prioritised for enhanced greening, similar to the approached used along the median at Drumcondra Station/Dorset Street.”

Speaking at the meeting, Gilliland said that from the bottom of Griffith Avenue up to Donnycarney is “very cold.”

She said it would be “really appropriate” to introduce more flowers and shrubbery to a “tree lined street.”

Green Party councillor Donna Cooney supported the motion and said that the Parks Department “does beautiful work.

“It would be great for biodiversity,” she says.

“When we’re carrying out projects, children tell me that they want more greenery and flowers, they want it to make it beautiful.”

Cooney says the matter is more pressing “particularly when you have wide roads, it will make it less of a concrete jungle.”

Catherine Stocker, a Social Democrats councillor for Clontarf, said the trees that currently line Griffith Avenue and surrounding streets need to be maintained in addition to the introductory of new greenery

“There are two or three tree stumps that need to be removed,” she says. “And they have been there for many years.

“There are a few empty tree pits that need to be filled in and there are also two dead trees at Donnycarney Junction.”

Stocker noted that construction on the BusConnects project is due to begin in 2024 which may limit the amount of remedial works can carry out in the area.

“I understand if we can’t invest serious money into it right now,” she says.

“But there are significant immediate issues that do need to be addressed.”

Fianna Fail councillor Deirdre Heney also backed the motion, saying that the route between Drumcondra Street and Dorset Street can emulated.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous,” she says.

“It’s a pleasure to drive, walk, cycle, or travel on the bus and see that lovely greening.”

Heney also said that the ground and footpath between Donnycarney Church and Griffith Avenue is “badly broken” and looks “really, really poor.”

“I think if this could be part of the motion, it could really benefit the locality.”

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