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New bill proposes full pay transparency on job listings

Fianna Fail Senator Catherine Ardagh.

A new bill sets out to safeguard workers across the country, says Fianna Fail Senator Catherine Ardagh.

The Remuneration, Information and Pay Transparency Bill 2023 was introduced by Senator Ardagh at the second stage today, co-sponsored by Senator Ollie Crowe, to address the issue of pay transparency in the workplace.

Senator Ardagh said “that the Bill is a significant step towards achieving pay transparency and promoting equality in the workplace”.

“It is far too common for jobs to be advertised without any salary scale, which creates a lack of transparency surrounding salary when jobs are advertised.

“This is particularly concerning for women and minorities, and it would be a positive step forward in addressing the gender pay gap.

“The Bill places an obligation on employers and prospective employers not to seek information on an employee’s or prospective employee’s current or previous remuneration.

“This would ensure that employers cannot discriminate based on previous pay.

‘This bill would also result in positives for employers. A fairer workplace is a happier workplace and if there is more transparency surrounding pay, it would be a positive for the culture of a workplace and for the retention of staff.”

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