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Dublin mental health centres receive over 90% compliance rating

Highfield Hospital on Swords Road.

The Mental Health Commission has published inspection reports for four approved centres in Dublin which have identified three high-risk, two moderate-risk and three low risk ratings for non-compliance on legal regulations.

The high risks identified related to the regulations on premises and on ordering, prescribing, storing and administration of medicines.

In relation to the prescription and administration of medicines, one centre did not have appropriate and suitable practices including the recording of the minimum dose interval information.

Where medication had been stopped, no stop date had been recorded.

In four out of 10 files where medication had been prescribed, the files did not record the prescriber’s signature.

The inspector of mental health services, Dr Susan Finnerty, said it was positive to see approved centres maintaining high compliance rating, but spoke of concerns around the administration of medication.

“We know that medication is an important tool in treatment of mental illness,” she said.

“In order to reduce the risk of medication errors, we need to be sure that medication prescription and administration records are completed correctly.”

Lois Bridges, an independent therapeutic service specialising in treating eating disorders located in Sutton, saw an increase in its compliance rating increase from 86 percent in 2021 to 97 percent in 2022.

The centre was not in breach of any condition but was non-compliant with one regulation: ordering, prescribing, storing and administration of medicines, receiving a high-risk rating.

O’Casey Rooms, which is located in St Vincent’s Hospital in Fairview, treat long-term inpatients and care is significantly focused on physical, palliative and end of life care.

Overall, compliance remained at the same 91 percent from 2021.

The centre was not in breach of any conditions but was non-compliant with three regulations: receiving a high non-compliance rating for premises and two moderate non-compliance ratings for food safety and risk management procedures.

In relation to the high non-compliance with the regulation of premises, residents did not have access to suitable outdoor space, fire doors were left opened using items such as a laundry basket, air inlets to the kitchen and activity room were dirty.

It was also identified during the inspection that ligature points were not minimised to the lowest practicable level.

Highfield Hospital’s compliance rating fell from 100 percent in 2021 to 97 percent in 2022.

Located with the Alzheimer’s Care Centre (ACC) on the Swords Road, the facility provides specialist rehabilitation and acute mental health care.

The Phoenix Care Centre, a purpose-built facility in Grangegorman received a compliance rating of 91 percent, the same as 2021.

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