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Proposed increase in minimum wage slammed by opposition parties

Opposition parties have criticised the Government’s proposal to increase the minimum wage by €0.80 to bring it to €11.30 per hour.

The Labour Party and People Before Profit have both said that the increase is not substantial enough and should be introduced before January, as planned.

Labour spokesperson on employment rights Senator Marie Sherlock said: “This increase reflects a Government who has no real understanding of the enormous challenges low wage workers are facing right now.

“The reality is that the Tanaiste has sat on this recommendation from the Low Pay Commission since July and is now engaging in an exercise of optics and news management ahead of the Budget.

“It will be six full months before these workers get this money in their pocket. It is too little and too late.

“We believe that wage rises are a critical part of what is needed to resolve the current cost of living crisis for workers.

“Yet the value of the increase means that workers in 2023 will be worse off, in real terms, than they were in 2022.”

People Before Profit TD and member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment Paul Murphy is “not enough and equates to a pay cut due to staggering inflation figures.”

He said: “Low paid workers in this country are being hammered by the ever increasing cost of living and inflation crisis. If the government really wanted to help these low paid workers, they would introduce a minimum wage of €15 per hour.

“The increase of 0.80c is an insult to people and will not even scratch the surface of what is needed. This will be an effective pay cut for people.”

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