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RTÉ Announces Gender Pay Gap of 13% in favour of men

RTÉ has published details relating to gender pay in the organisation as part of new reporting requirements included in the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021.

RTÉ say they chose 30th June 2022 as the “snapshot date” which aligns with RTÉ’s headcount reporting and payroll dates

The gender pay gap measures the difference in the pay of all men in a company and all women.

It highlights any differences in the distribution of men and women across the workforce.

Equal pay is about ensuring that any differences in pay between men and women in the same job are not due to gender.

In RTÉ, employees are placed on a salary scale or salary band applicable to their role, and these are the same for male and female workers.

This report outlines gender pay gap results for RTÉ.

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) calculated the Gender Pay Gap statistics for RTÉ for 2022.

In summary, the data shows that RTÉ’s mean and median Gender Pay Gaps demonstrate that there is more to do to create greater gender representation across roles traditionally associated with males and /or females (with males more likely to work additional hours through paid overtime and premium pay) and to ensure equal gender representation at senior levels within the organisation.

A pay gap amongst part-time staff in favour of women shows that flexible working policies in RTÉ are supporting women to combine flexible working with careers across all levels.


RTÉ Director General, Dee Forbes said: “As we continue to strive to be a more diverse workforce, RTÉ welcomes the opportunity provided through the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 to publish this comprehensive data relating to the gender pay gap in RTÉ. Gender balance within RTÉ’s overall workforce, across roles and output, continues to be a high priority for the organisation and RTÉ is committed to being a fair, flexible and inclusive employer that truly reflects the diversity of Ireland today.

“The work that has gone into this report has been challenging due to the complexity of our organisational structure, which currently has over 160 different grades.

“We are working with Willis Towers Watson (WTW) on a full evaluation of the role and grading structure in RTÉ, the outputs of which will help inform decisions going forward as we develop a job and career framework that will create clarity and transparency on how our employees can develop their career journey in RTÉ.”

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